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Review: ULTA Sheet Masks

The sheet mask craze is in full swing and I have to admit, I don’t find it that appealing. Why? It’s expensive. Most cost around $3-10 for one use. Doesn’t seem very cost effective when you can buy a regular $10 mask and get several uses out of it.

However, they say you can’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it so I finally caved and picked a couple up from Ulta. I purchased the Anti-Aging Papaya and the Brightening Citrus.

I’d like to note here, they’re borderline in the clean beauty department. They’re free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, and mineral oils. They’re also gluten free & vegan. However, they do have some questionable ingredients, namely:

Most of these ingredients are on the low end of “moderate hazard” according to the EWG Skin-Deep Database.  Since this was a one-time use product that I would be washing off I was willing to give it a go. Ultimately, you need to decide which ingredients you are willing to use.

*Fragrance is on the high end of the spectrum and is considered high hazard simply because the ingredients are non-disclosed. If you know that you have a sensitivity to fragrance I would urge caution with this product.

Ulta Beauty Anti-Aging Papaya Skin Revitalizing Sheet Mask: file_003-1

Claim(s): Ulta’s Anti-Aging Papaya Skin Revitalizing Sheet Mask is great for dull, dry skin with fine lines and loss of firmness and helps replenish & plump skin for a firm, lifted youthful-looking complexion.”

Formula: Lightly fruity smell. Extremely soapy and drippy. Light tingling, stinging.

Standout Ingredients: Papaya extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, dead sea minerals

Ease of Use: The instructions were straightforward. The sheet mask was surprisingly made of strong material, but I had to hold it over the sink because it was a little drippy. Because of this, I feared it would drip into my eyes (ouch!) but that didn’t end up being a problem. The mask itself was a little large for my face and had plenty of wrinkles and extra material. I was able to get it to rest on most of my face.

The Good: My skin did feel plumper after using this. It cleared up my winter dry patches and did give an overall brighter appearance throughout the day. The scent was unobtrusive and I didn’t experience any irritation or sensitivity from it.

The Bad: The sheet was ill-fitting. Since this is my first foray into sheet masks, I realize this might be standard. I did not like the soapiness of the formula and I have concerns over what ingredients are included in the “fragrance.”

Rating: 2.5/5

Price Point: $3 (In-store and

file_002-1Ulta Beauty Brightening Citrus Energizing Sheet Mask:

Claims: Ulta’s Brightening Citrus Skin Energizing Sheet Mask helps dull, tired-looking skin and uneven tone. Helps brighten & tones skin for an illuminated, radiant glow.”

Formula: Vaguely citrus, cheap cologne-like smell. Less soapy than the papaya mask. Light tingling/stinging.

Standout Ingredients: Vitamin c, lemon balm, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid

The Good: Not as soapy and drippy as the papaya one which made it a little easier to use.

The Bad: The smell was nauseating. This stung more than the papaya one, long after I removed it. It left my skin dry and irritated and I saw no brightening effects.

Rating: 1/5

Price Point: $3 (In-store and

Overall, while it was fun to check out the sheet mask craze, I wouldn’t purchase either of these masks again.

Do you have any natural sheet masks that have knocked your socks off? I’d love to hear about your sheet mask experience in the comments below!
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post are my own. I have not been given any products in exchange for a review nor has ULTA endorsed this post. I just love reviewing new products!