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Indie Spotlight: LENUS Handcrafted

Recently, on a hunt for a clean eye cream, it turned to one of my favorite places to find new skincare and cosmetics: Etsy. 

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If you have never searched for skincare or cosmetics on Etsy, I am telling you that you are missing out. Over the years I have found several indie beauty companies that I have absolutely fallen in love with. If you enjoy discovering natural beauty brands, I highly recommend checking it out. Plus many shops offer samples to purchase so you can try before you buy which is a huge plus.

So, like I said, I was searching far and wide for the perfect eye cream and I stumbled across LENUS Handcrafted.

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Some things about this company drew my attention immediately.

  1. Artisan + handmade
  2. Organic + essential oils
  3. Non-toxic formulas
  4. Sustainable practices

As a bonus, the creator of this product (Laura) is from San Diego. Before relocating to the Pacific Northwest, my husband and I lived in Southern California. We were married in La Jolla and spent many sunny afternoons exploring  Balboa Park or taking our pups to Solana Beach. While the fact that she lives in San Diego really has no bearing on the quality of her products, I love to support people from places I have been and love. Plus the West Coast is the best coast! I’m sure all my east coast friends and family in the south will beg to differ, but I digress.

file_000-1With these things in mind, I ordered the LENUS Sample Medley.  On the product page, you can see that if there is something that you specifically want to try you can put it in the comments and Laura will try to include it. I asked her to include some eye cream samples since that’s what I was looking for.

The sample medley was $7 and shipping (for me at least) was $3. That’s $10 total.

I was stunned at how many samples I got. She included a day eye cream and night eye cream as well as other products I didn’t even know I wanted.  Here’s my overall impression from the sample medley:


  • The texture of each product was of high quality.
  • The scents are clearly natural and come from the ingredients themselves. The Face Oil N0.91 has a particularly gorgeous scent. 
  • All products were non-irritating.
  • All products absorbed well.
  • Samples were generous enough for several applications.


Basically, of the eleven products I sampled I fell head over heals in love with four. That’s 36% which means that I loved a third of the products that I tried. And even though not one of those products was an eye cream, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m just excited that I find four products I adore.


So far I have purchased a full-size No. 91 Face Oil as well as the No.94 Fine Wrinkle Oil Serum (which was a not one of the samples in the sample but is also amazing). Check back for my reviews on both of these lovely products. 

I highly recommend checking out LENUS Skincare. If you want to try the products head over to Etsy and order a sample medley.  If you’re interested in purchasing full-size products, I recommend purchasing from the website as they offer free shipping on orders over $38.

Let me know if you give them a try and what you think. Also, I’m still on the hunt for an amazing eye cream/oil so please comment with any recommendations you have below.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post are my own. I have not been given any products in exchange for a review nor has LENUS endorsed this post. I just love their products!