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Friday Favorite: Zoya’s Tomoko Nail Polish

Happy Friday! It’s the first Friday of February and I’m already feeling that (weather-wise) I’m ready for spring. It’s been in the forties here in the PNW but I’m dying to wear some flip-flops right about now. If I recall correctly, it was still in the fifties in March last year so I’m not holding my breath.

What I am holding onto is my favorite wintery nail polishes. And one of my favorites for the holidays (or a dreary later winter day when I need some sparkle in my life) is Zoya’s PixiDust nail polish in Tomoko. 

The Zoya website describes Tomoko as “a romantic champagne silver with a matte, textured, sparkling metal finish.”

I definitely think it leans more towards the champagne and less towards the silver. In fact, on my nails at least, it really looks golden.

If you check out #everydayzoya on Instagram you will see other examples of how much more golden it is in person than on Zoya’s website. That’s not to say that I don’t love it. I do! I just think it’s a little less silver than gold. (This is often the case with purchasing nail polishes online – it’s often hard to tell exactly what the color will look like.)

Nonetheless, as you can see, Tomoko is still a gorgeous color.

Why it’s a favorite:

  • Texture – this has epic texture. It will not feel slick and creamy like regular nail polish – you can actually feel the grit of the glitter which I love
  • Coverage – the coverage is great. Zoya rates it a 4 on their 1-5 opacity scale. It only takes two coats to cover better than most traditional glitter nail polishes.
  • Formula – All of Zoya’s nail polishes are high quality. I have never had a problem with the formula being gunky or runny.
  • Durability – The PixiDust nail polishes have some major staying power. I love to use Zoya’s Naked Base underneath and a coat of the Satin Seal Top Coat.
  • Big 5 Free – I love that Zoya’s polishes don’t have any nasty formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, or camphor.

Price: $10 (as of this posting date)

Zoya’s polishes are on the high end, but totally worth it in my opinion plus if you follow them on social media you can often get free shipping, BOGO, and other amazing deals.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post are my own. I have not been given any products in exchange for a review nor has Zoya endorsed this post. I just love their products!